About Me

Originally from the East Coast, I developed a passion for fly fishing at a young age, pursuing the distinguished Atlantic salmon in my early days. With over 25 years of experience in the sport and a decade spent guiding, I've honed my skills as a dedicated and knowledgeable fly fisherman.

Throughout the years, I've explored the West Coast of British Columbia extensively, specializing in steelhead fishing. My expertise extends beyond angling, as I have been an accomplished fly tier since the age of 12, crafting intricate and effective flies for various fishing expeditions.

When not engaged in fishing, I enjoy spending my time outdoors, participating in activities such as camping, hiking, mountain biking, and hunting. I'm an ardent explorer of the British Columbia coastline, taking advantage of every opportunity to appreciate the region's stunning landscapes and natural beauty.

Halibut stands as my personal favourite in terms of culinary delight, while steelhead remain my top choice when it comes to the excitement of the catch. As a seasoned professional in the world of fly fishing, I am committed to sharing my knowledge, expertise, and love for the outdoors with others.