About Me

Originally from the East Coast, I discovered my love for fishing early on, especially drawn to the vastness of the ocean and the challenge of pursuing Atlantic salmon. This passion only grew stronger with time, and now, after more than 25 years dedicated to the sport, I’ve come to specialize in ocean fishing, particularly off the beautiful coasts of British Columbia.

My experience isn’t just confined to the rivers and lakes; the call of the sea led me to master the art of angling for larger species like halibut and other deep-sea fish, adding over a decade of guiding to my repertoire. This has not only honed my fishing skills but also deepened my appreciation for the ocean’s unpredictable nature and rich ecosystems.

Since I was 12, tying flies has been a part of my fishing routine, a skill I've adapted to suit ocean fishing, using lures that perfectly mimic the marine life. This attention to detail has made each fishing trip more successful and fulfilling.

When I’m not fishing, I’m still close to the water, exploring the British Columbia coastline, enjoying its stunning landscapes, and engaging in outdoor activities like camping and hiking. These experiences enrich my connection to the ocean and its surrounding beauty.

Halibut remains my favorite catch for its culinary delights, while the thrill of catching steelhead is unmatched. My journey from freshwater streams to the open ocean has been full of adventure and learning. As someone deeply passionate about fishing, I’m always eager to share my knowledge and experiences, hoping to inspire others to appreciate the wonders of ocean fishing.